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A story of SHARING


Benjamin and Daphne

Two people and two cultures at the origin of this great adventure. Benjamin is Chilean and has lived in France for several years. Daphné is French and has had the opportunity to follow Benjamin across the Atlantic on several occasions. As a couple in life, we share a common love for mate. We want you to discover it, its benefits, its flavors but also this spirit of sharing dear to our heart. Grassmate was created in our image and is always looking for the best products in Latin America to pass on this taste of mate and its traditions to you. We also try to benefit local crafts by ordering from small producers, small in size but great in knowledge and passion.

Welcome to our adventure!


The idea came from Benjamín, of Chilean origin, he was looking for a name around “yerba maté”.

He then thought of yerba (grass) in English: grass and it gave: grassmate ❗️
Daphne found the idea cool, especially since without realizing it Benjamin had made a little play on words, sleep in, sleep in that we all appreciate.

We liked this name and just kept it. Today we are proud to see it on our products

but above all happy to see you use them 🧉 🌱

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